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Students graduating from Randolph Union High School are eligible to apply for a wide range of scholarships to help reduce - or even eliminate - the cost of pursuing a college degree.

Check out the various scholarship opportunities below, and be sure to note deadlines and submission requirements.

Note: Many of the below scholarships require separate applications, which are generally available in the Student Services office or online. If you don't see the application you're looking for, please contact Karen Johnson in RU Student services or Beverly Taft, scholarship coordinator.

Another tremendous resource for scholarships and  information on how to pay for college is the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, commonly known as VSAC. We encourage you to check out some of their helpful links (in the "helpful links" box below); or visit their web site to learn more about scholarships and low interest student loans. You can visit their site by CLICKING HERE

Randolph Union High School Scholarship Information Packet

RU uses a common application for students to apply for a range of scholarships. The common application can be downloaded here: 2022 Application and Information Packet.  The following scholarships may be applied for using this application:

  • RU Community Scholarship-awarded to students demonstrating high financial need (75% of consideration) and community service (25% of consideration).
  • Azel Hall Scholarship-awarded to students based on merit, community service, and financial need.
  • Clayton Brown Scholarship-awarded to students who have attained the highest academic achievement
  • Donna Viens Scholarship-awarded to students in majoring in English education, writing, or literature.
  • Bill Hill-Alto Scholarship-awarded to students entering the workforce and demonstrating financial need.
  • Brookfield Free Public Library Scholarship (new this year)- awarded to a Brookfield student entering either a 2 or 4 year undergraduate program that demonstrates academic success and financial need.
  • Stephen Montgomery Scholarship (new this year)-awarded to a student majoring in forestry that demonstrates financial need and strong academic history in math and science.  If there are no forestry majors, consideration will be given to agriculture, animal husbandry, land management, wildlife conservation, or earth science.
  • Gifford Trust Scholarship: Awarded to a student who has made a significant contribution to the RU school community and demonstrates academic achievement.

For complete information on how and when to apply for the above scholarships, please read our Local Scholarship Overview Letter.

Additional scholarship opportunities include:

League of Women Voters Winona Smith Scholarship
Prize: $1,500
Deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2024 @ Noon
Requirements: Graduating senior who has demonstrated an interest in civic participation and community service, who has a need for financial aid, and who is highly recommended by a teacher. Complete the online application (2 essays are required on this form), and ask your teacher to complete the recommendation form. Website: Winona Smith Scholarship

American Legion Thomas J. Mowatt Scholarship - The American Legion Post #9 of Randolph is proud to offer a scholarship in memory of Thomas J. Mowatt. This scholarship is awarded annually to a selected student graduating from Randolph Union High School who has demonstrated the attributes of good citizenship and industriousness, not only by their academic achievement but equally important, through the student’s contribution to their school and community, as well as their participation in extra curricular activities. Students interested in applying for this scholarship should submit a letter explaining how they fit the above criteria and what their future plans are. The letter should be sent to:  RUHS Guidance Office no later than May 2, 2022.

Gary Thurston Scholarship (Randolph Fire Department) - Any student planning to continue their education is eligible. Download the Gary Thurston Scholarship (Randolph Fire Department) application in the documents box to the left.

Gifford Medical Center Auxiliary Health Profession Scholarship - Applicants should plan to pursue a career in a health profession and demonstrate financial need. Download the Gifford Medical Center Auxiliary Health Profession Scholarship application in the documents box to the left.

Lonny Wade Memorial Scholarship - This is a $1,000 scholarship given to eligible students who plan to enter a trade, but who are not necessarily enrolled in a Tech school or program. The details and application are located in the documents box to the left.

Clara J. Hill Scholarship
Prize: $500
Deadline: Friday, May 20, 2022
Requirements: Graduating seniors who have been accepted at an accredited college or university, planning on a career in teacher education or a closely related field involving youth, leadership and service history, demonstrate financial need. Complete the application in the documents box to the left, and mail it in before the deadline.

John Murray Scholarship - John Murray devoted his career to the children of Randolph, Braintree, and Brookfield. A longtime and much loved superintendent, John was an early advocate of building this union high school. The John Murray scholarship recognizes graduating seniors who have invested their hearts and hands in our school community, particularly those who labor in the auditorium that bears his name. To apply for the John Murray Scholarship, please provide: a transcript; activities list; statement of career objectives; self evaluation of strengths/weaknesses; and a detailed statement of how you have furthered the artistic life of RU's school community through significant, meaningful contributions to the performing arts on-campus. Please return all of this to Mr. Rainville by May 1, 2022 Please note that students who participate in the theater program may automatically be considered for this award.

National Honor Society Scholarship - One of the cornerstones of the National Honor Society is knowledge. To apply for this year's NHS scholarship, please download and submit the application from the documents box to the left.

Randolph Rotary Scholarship - Applicants for this scholarship should demonstrate citizenship and involvement in the community that reflects the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self". Download the Randolph Rotary Scholarship Application in the documents box to the left.

RUHS Alumni Association Scholarship - Any student planning to pursue post-secondary education is eligible to apply. Download the RUHS Alumni Association Scholarship application from the documents box to the left.

RUHS Class of 2011 - This scholarship was established by the class of 2011 to recognize a student who has persevered in their class work and service to their community. The student is someone who is recognized by school officials, classmates, and community members for their accomplishments. This scholarship is a one time scholarship.  Required Documents include: and Unofficial Transcript; one letter of recommendation from a school official addressing the student’s academic potential and commitment; school and community involvement; character, leadership and work ethic; and one 500 word essay outlining the applicant’s school and community activities (i.e. — extracurricular activities, honors, achievement(s), community service & awards). The essay should describe the value of the student's community service and how it has benefited him/her and the community. Essays will be judged on their uniqueness - what sets this application apart from others and how the student's experiences have contributed to his/her personal growth? Check with Student Services to see when the application is due (Usually it is due by May 1). You'll find the application in the documents box to the left. Only seniors applying to go on to post secondary education may apply.

The Eleanor Dickey Drysdale Scholarship - This scholarship honors the best writer of English prose in the graduating class at Randolph Union High School. The scholarship was created in 1973 in appreciation of Eleanor Dickey Drysdale, who for many years was the assistant editor of the Herald of Randolph (then the White River Valley Herald). She authored a weekly column called “Old Fogey’s Bench” which became the most popular feature of the newspaper. The wife of Herald editor John Drysdale, she served on the high school board for nine years and was greatly responsible for the construction of both the junior high wing and the Randolph Technical Career Center. To apply for this scholarship, please download and submit the application in the documents box to the left.

Two Rivers Scholarship Program - The governing board of the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission believes our region's future is enhanced by both wise and forward-looking stewardship of the land, natural resources, and public institutions, and also through thoughtful investment in the next generation. To this end, the Regional Commission has authorized establishment of an annual TRORC Scholarship Program to encourage and recognize high school students pursuing career and life choices consistent with the vision and values of vibrant and sustainable communities, as articulated in our regularly updated Regional Plan. To apply, please download the application in the documents box to the left.

The William Craig Russell Memorial Scholarship - The William Craig Russell Memorial Scholarship is offered in loving memory and honor of Will Russell, born 5 weeks prematurely, who passed away at 26 days of age. To apply for this scholarship, please download the application from the documents box to the left.

The White River Credit Union Scholarship - Applicants applying for this scholarship should show strong character, academic achievement, community and extra-curricular involvement as well as financial need. To apply, download the The White River Credit Union Scholarship application in the documents box to the left.

802 Credit Union Scholarship - Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence, extracurricular activities, community service, financial need, and completeness of the application. Applicants must be a member of the Credit Union at the time of application. You'll find the application in the documents box to the left.