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2022 Senior Projects

Here are some of the Senior Projects from from the class of 2022:

Chandler Anderson - Muay Thai

Ilya Andreyev - Documentary Filmmaking

Maddox Bashaw - John Deere Restoration

Abby Becker - Crocheting

Alden Berkey - Blacksmithing

Kasey Brooks - Herbs for Healing

Gianna Charland - Portrait Realism

Ella Davignon - Firefighting

Abby Garvin - Sports Photography

Emma Gregoire - Northeast Fiddlers Association

Wilder Grimes - Journalism

Abigail Hill - Cosmetology

Ploy Intaradet - Opening a Cafe

Cameron Kennedy - Audio Engineering

Laurel Lacaillade - Hydroponics

Andrew Lewis - Learning How to Play Guitar

Allegra Luzardo - Dear Traveler

Sarah McDonald - MMR Pit Crew at the High Banks

Brianna Mattote - Canning Vegetables

Drew Messier - Mental Illness and Poetry

Owen Milke - Organic Gardening

Joseph Morse - ASL

Emma Rogers - Minimalist Camping

Avery Sears - Spartan Race

Matthew Stevens - Japanese Poetry

Howard Stockwell - Truck Restoration

Eliot Troop - The Hummingbird AI

Zoe Ukasick - Pottery

Levi West - Tiny Homes