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Innovation Center

Welcome to the STEAM & Innovation Center at Randolph Union

Our Motto is: Hopefully, We Don't Get It Right The First Time.

(What is "Right," anyway)?

The RU STEAM & Innovation Center combines modern and ancient technology in a space where we embrace a creative and diligent process of concepting and design; troubleshooting (which is often our favorite part of the day); and solving problems - again and again and again - through learning, application of that learning, and reflection on what we learned.

Learn / Reflect / Repeat

We call it the plan-do-study-act cycle, and we live it with patience, intention, and enthusiasm. Nothing is handed to us, nothing is done for us.

It is the real world. And we're learning how to thrive in it.

The STEAM & Innovation Center at RU is a special place for students, teachers, and/or classrooms that are interested in stepping out of the ordinary and into - well - into whatever enters their minds. If you can dream it, chances are you can build it here in the Innovation Center.

Learn more about the STEAM and Innovation Center and some of the exciting things we're doing here!

Innovation Center Teacher works with a Student
IC Student working on a soldering project