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Chillin' with Dragons


Art Elements used:  Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Texture and Space.  (ALL OF THEM!)

Art Principles used:  Unity, Pattern, Emphasis


Here are some examples that Drawing/Painting, 2D/3D, MS 6th Period, and MS 7th Period Classes.

Randolph "Art"chitecture

This project was a collaboration between two Randolph Union Art Classes: 2D/3D and Drawing/Painting. Each class chose from 13 local houses in the town of Randolph, with a variety of styles ranging from Italianate, Victorian, Colonial, and more.

The 2D/3D class was instructed to create their house using cardboard, xacto knives and glue. They were reminded to construct using the elements of space: back, middle, and foreground. 

The Drawing/Painting class drew the houses the same size as the other class. They used drawing techniques to emphasise line, value, and balance and texture. When those elements were completed, they were then given the added challenge of identifying the architectural styles on the exterior of the home.